October Google SEO Update

October- Week 1 The month began as any other with a lot of algorithm updates by Google. Exact Match Domain update It came as a storm to many when the news came about Google’s new EMD (Exact Match Domain) algorithm. According to Google’s head of web spam Matt Cutts, it would affect 0.6% of English-us […]

Three Types of SEO

SEO is a technique in which webmasters design a website such that, it gets good page ranking, and appears on top of the results when a query is made. It has been in existence from mid 90s and still is the hottest thing on Internet. Earlier search engines mainly relied on keywords that were in […]

Press Release Submission for Search Engine Ranking

Any time there is anything newsworthy happening in which your business is involved, create a Press Release about that newsworthy event. Then, use one of the many online press release distribution agencies to send it to the major news resources like Google and Yahoo News on your behalf for free. Many online business people seem […]

Document Sharing for Search Engine Ranking

Document Sharing sites are sites that allow you to upload documents, including PDF files, Word Docs, PowerPoint slides, Open Office documents, and so on. So other than submitting articles that you’ve written to be published on article directories, you can upload the original word doc file to document sharing sites. Cool thing is, content that […]

Article Marketing for SEO

Article marketing is an old method. While many will question its effectiveness today, it shouldn’t be ignored completely. What you need to do is sit down and write a series of 350-550 word articles, each of which focuses on one of your main keyword terms. Use the keyword term in the article title, the first […]

Video Marketing to Get Easy Search Engine Ranking – Part 3

Using PowerPoint to create your video If you use the Microsoft Office suite of programs, you will have PowerPoint installed on your computer. If not, download the free Open Office suite of programs and use the Presentation program to do pretty much the same thing. You can use PowerPoint or Presentation to make as many […]

Video Marketing to Get Easy Search Engine Ranking – Part 2

How do you make your video in the first place? There are many different ways to create videos for marketing purposes, with the way that you do so being dependent to a certain extent on the product or service that you are promoting. You can (and should) use any or all of the following video […]

Video Marketing to Get Easy Search Engine Ranking – Part 1

Did you realized that no matter what you use Google to search for nowadays, it is almost inevitable that there will be videos featured near to the top of the search results page (even for hair loss!): However, these videos do not appear so prominently on the search results page because of the video content […]

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