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Internet is important

In today’s world you can not avoid electronics or communications. Everything is about social medias and the need to get things accomplished right away. One big reason for all this instant gratification and knowledge is the internet. The internet has been around for over a decade now and is the world’s leading source of knowledge on everything, from news reports to what product they need for whatever task they have. To compete on the internet there are various details that have to be done and worked out. Managing these little tasks is the job of a SEO company.

Are all SEO Companies the same?

Many SEO companies offer similar plans to each other. Many of them offer keyword research, online and offline optimizations, and some content development. They use sales conversions to try to attract potential client to your site, and try to get them to become actual clients.

Where all these are good to have, you do want to get more customers on your website, but it should not be the job of the SEO company to trick people into buying your product. It is the job of an SEO company to raise the creditability of you and your product and to fix any problems with your web pages. Your website itself should be your dream and your creation and should be connected to the product, and not a side thing someone else made up. The point of using a SEO company is to improve your web pages placement on search engines, not to increase your conversions online.

Maximize Conversions

This does not mean that you should not work on conversions. Without conversions your website has no purpose and it will not matter how high a ranking your site will have. Some SEO companies will help you with your website design, while other SEO companies just focus on the ranking side of the business. As previously stated, conversions help make your web pages user friendly and nice to look at. If a client cannot find his way around your website than the odds of him trusting your company, or even finding out how to get your product, go drastically down.

One key thing to remember about SEO is that it is based off of competition. You are competing constantly for better ranking on the search engines against your competitors for the higher spots. When looking for a business to use, the clients have to go down the long list and see who they like the sound of and the feel of. If you have a website that is lacking in flow or does not state its purpose and product very well, than the odds are your competitors with the more organized sites will be getting the business from those customers.

Finding an SEO Company

When you are trying to find a SEO company to help you and your company, one of the first things you should do is to make a list of a set of goals you want accomplished. Do you feel your company is doing good with the keywords they use? Are you sure that you are using enough keywords? How do you feel about the layout of your website? Do you feel your company is optimized enough to not only keep up with your competitors, but also just so that the search engines can read your web pages easily and efficiency enough? All of these are questions you must ask yourself and you have to determine that the SEO company you use not only can work on your issues, but provide creditable results, and maybe even at a decent price.

Most SEO companies have a time line that varies, but most will say that to put your website on page one can take a year or more. Some companies even say that to receive any kind of results it can take three to four months. This is of course relative depending on the amount of optimizing the site needs, but the time frame of most of these companies are longer than it could be.

SBASEO is a SEO company that will get the job done efficiently, professionally, and quickly. We will run an analysis of your website so you can see first hand what the issues are with your site, and we fix them right away. Conversions are very important, but at SBASEO our focus is on page ranking, not so much on fixing your page conversion problems. We are so sure that our product and our system works we guarantee that you will see results within weeks of starting our service, and that at least 25% of keywords we are working on will have you on page one by the end of month six using us.

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