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Article marketing is an old method. While many will question its effectiveness today, it shouldn’t be ignored completely.

What you need to do is sit down and write a series of 350-550 word articles, each of which focuses on one of your main keyword terms. Use the keyword term in the article title, the first and last paragraphs and perhaps twice more somewhere else in the body text.

Create a two or three line description of your article, focusing on telling anyone who reads this description exactly why they should read your article. This is in effect a punchy two or three sentence ‘sales pitch’ for your article, because it is this description which decides whether someone who sees it will take the trouble to read your article or not.

When you submit articles to the major directories, you must also include what is known as a resource box, which is a short description of you or your business. Once again, this resource box is your ‘sales pitch’ as to why someone should visit your site, so make sure that you tell them.

For example, ‘Joe Blow has a blog where he writes about how loss’ is a dead loss! Try something like ‘Joe Blow is an acknowledged hair loss expert. His hair was disappearing fast until he discovered an amazing organic hair loss remedy that stops hair loss dead in its tracks. Get Joe’s exclusive FREE report to stop your hair loss now by clicking organic hair loss remedy or go to’

The keyword term is mentioned twice, once as an anchor link, plus the URL is included for directories that do not accept direct links. There is an attractive free report on offer and a clear call to action telling the reader exactly what they need to do to get the report.

A resource box description like this does two things. First, it will drive a ton of targeted visitors to your site.

In addition, it will generate an anchor text link to the appropriate page on your site from the directory where the article is published.

Most directories have achieved fairly high Google Page Rank, so this link in itself is extremely valuable.

Moreover, most article directories allow Webmasters to download articles for republication on their site or in their newsletter as long as they include the original author information, including the back links. Consequently, if you create an article that is downloaded and republished many times, one article can generate dozens or even hundreds of links. What is more, it does it all on autopilot without any input from you.

Publishing articles on directory sites is a numbers game. The more articles you publish, the more links you generate.

For this reason, you should use some of your articles to generate links to internal pages on your site to spread the link power more evenly across the whole of your site.

Try to write two or three articles every day using different keyword phrases (once you have practiced, this should take from one hour to 90 minutes) before submitting them to the following top few article directories:





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