October Google SEO Update

October- Week 1 The month began as any other with a lot of algorithm updates by Google. Exact Match Domain update It came as a storm to many when the news came about Google’s new EMD (Exact Match Domain) algorithm. According to Google’s head of web spam Matt Cutts, it would affect 0.6% of English-us […]

Three Types of SEO

SEO is a technique in which webmasters design a website such that, it gets good page ranking, and appears on top of the results when a query is made. It has been in existence from mid 90s and still is the hottest thing on Internet. Earlier search engines mainly relied on keywords that were in […]

SEO is a good choice

Search engine optimization has developed immensely within the last Fifteen years.  Search engine marketing can push a lot more qualified prospects to your site by boosting your website’s position in serp’s.  Seo is much more than merely perfecting the title and meta data in your site. Seo is really a primary element of a digital […]

Google Bans Guns

Google over the years has become a great source of information, news, media and shopping. Today Google is taking the first step to fight against weapons online. If you are a merchant that sells on their shipping gateway you might have already received a notification informing you that google is enforcing new polices against Weapon-Related […]

Is My Website Hacked?

Sadly to say if you are asking that question you have encountered suspicious activity or suspicious changes. This is a very common question many website owners ask that doesn’t have an easy answer. Even though you might not be technologicly savy there are steps you can take to check if your website has indeed been hacked. The first step […]

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