Document Sharing for Search Engine Ranking

Document Sharing sites are sites that allow you to upload documents, including PDF files, Word Docs, PowerPoint slides, Open Office documents, and so on.

So other than submitting articles that you’ve written to be published on article directories, you can upload the original word doc file to document sharing sites.

Cool thing is, content that is uploaded to this top document sharing sites get indexed in the search engines FAST! Your documents could show up in the search engine results for keywords you’re targeting within 24 hours.

Because unlike most article directories, there’s no approval period for document sharing sites and you documents get approved instantly.

Another benefit to these sites it that these sites normally allow you to write a description of your document. So just like article marketing, you include a live link back to your site and gain a precious backlink!

Additionally, your documents themselves can often have live links as well. So you could possibly gain two from uploading one simple document.

All in all, this is the perfect method to drive backlinks and traffic fast to your website. It’s a lot like article marketing, but a whole lot easier and even more effective!

Another thing I like is for most sites, you can mass upload articles. This means you can select ten articles and upload them automatically. It will take you less than 3 minutes to upload 10 articles!

If you haven’t been making use of this strategy (it’s amazing how few people are!) then it’s time to get started.

While many of these document sharing sites get a lot of “Google love,” you’ll want to do some things to give your content an extra boost so it gets picked up faster. Don’t worry — this won’t take long!

As soon as you submit your content, you can ping it at or you could add the URLs to social bookmarking sites. It’s entirely up to you.

I shan’t go into details on how to sign up and upload your documents because it’s really easy.

Here are the top 2 sites that you should submit to:

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