Dont Keyword Stuff

What is Keyword Stuffing?

There are many aspects to a website. Some of these are visual, and some are not quite so visual. When thinking of the aspects of a websites ranking and placement it is all about search engines and how they read pages. In placing on the search engine one of the main things that they looks for are the keywords on the page. Keywords are words or phrases that you type into the search engine to find whatever it is that you are looking for. These keywords are displayed on the web page so that the search engine knows you deal with this particular search. If your site deals with a particular keyword more than your opponent, then you will place higher than your opponent for the search. Knowing this there are some people who try to fill their website with these keywords so that they can place higher on the search engine. This act is called keyword stuffing.

Dont Keyword Stuff

Every website has some kind of content on it. To keyword stuff you have to take the keywords of your website and throw them in the pages content randomly in many various places. Sometimes people put them in only a few random places, however this is still keyword stuffing.

This does not mean that you should not use keywords at all, however keyword stuffing is not the way to go. You need to write actual articles for your website. Within these articles you can put in some keywords here and there, but only when they are needed. This works best for both the web crawler and for the people on your site visiting it. If you keyword stuff a page of your site the page will not look good and clean, and if you tried to read the page it would make absolutely no sense.

The reason why search engines do not like keyword stuffing is because it is cheating for your websites ranking. A search engine can tell that the site was keyword stuffed and they will get angry for it. If they can see that the site is keyword stuffed the search engine will think your site is nothing but spam and it will treat your website as such. Your website will be penalized and ranked down in placement.

Black Hat SEO

In the end there really is no need to keyword stuff anyways. Keyword stuffing limits conversions to your site because people find so many keywords everywhere very distracting and disorienting. What is the point of having a website if nobody can navigate or or understand the content of the site. The whole point of a website is to get people to use whatever product or service it is you are selling on the site. Everything should be easy and user friendly or else it has the potential to scare away potential customers, something you never want to have happen.

There are so many reasons why not to use keyword stuffing it should speak for itself why you should avoid it. From the possibility that it will backfire and your site will drop in stance, to the fact that it will make the potential customers of your product leave your site in confusion, which will only help your competitors and hurt your company. When you make a website remember to keep things simple and user friendly, and if you do so it will help you and your business in more ways than you might have thought before.

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