Google Bans Guns

Google over the years has become a great source of information, news, media and shopping. Today Google is taking the first step to fight against weapons online. If you are a merchant that sells on their shipping gateway you might have already received a notification informing you that google is enforcing new polices against Weapon-Related listings. Simply go to and search for any gun related search phrase and you will see that they have removed all listings that have any relation to real guns.

Visit Google and test it for yourself. All you need to do is type in “shotgun” and you will see that all listings have been removed.

Google Ads?

Even though the listings are gone, relevant ads still remain. Google is only fighting against the products listed in their store. Advertisers such as Walmart and HDAA are still being advertised on Google’s Shopping.

Even though Google hasn’t done anything yet about these ads we speculate that they will soon instill a strict advertising policy also restricting weapon-related ads.

Even Airsoft and BB Guns?

Although Google has started it’s campaign against real guns, Airsoft and BB guns are not effected. You can still find your favorite toy on Google Shopping.

What Does this New Policy Mean?

This policy simply means that all merchants who desire to sell anything weapon-related will be denied. Even Weapon Accessories such as Scopes, Holsters, and other attachments have been removed from their database.

The Second Amendment?

Even though the U.S. Constitution gives their citizens the right to “keep and bear arms,” Google’s new Policy does not go against this basic right. Google being a private business has the right to allow or deny any product they decide. Google has a brand to uphold and an image to protect. If something unfortunate would happen through the purchase on Google’s Shopping this might bring bad publicity, and stain Google’s reputation.

One response on “Google Bans Guns

  1. rob says:

    Google sux,

    Everyone should use a different search engine. And we have the right to Ban gmail and ban google

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