Importance of Meta Tags for SEO

What are Meta Tags?

When making a website you need more than the visual stuff seen on the actual web page. There are many things to a web page that you can not notice from seeing the actual page. Many of these hidden aspects of a web page are needed to help the search engines and to help join your website to the search engines. One such thing is called the meta tag. The meta tag is a brief description of the web page it is linked to and can be found on the actual search engine itself. When you go on a search engine, lets say Google, and you type in your key words into the search bar you will get a list of websites and a brief description of them. These descriptions of the web pages that are located under the title of the web page is the meta tag description.

Importance of Meta Tags

Meta tags are important because it tells the internet users about the site and gives them an idea of what to expect from visiting the site. This is important because it will tell the client if your site is worth their time, or if they want to go to one of your competitors. Due to this kind of clash of sites it is very important to write a good meta description. If your competitor has a better sounding description than yours it may deter the potential client from your site and the business will go to your competitor. Having no meta tag at all will discourage your clients even more from visiting your site.

Always Remember

It is important to put down the right things when filling out your meta description. The goal is to get clients to your website, so remember to keep the description friendly sounding, professional sounding, and flow in language. What I mean by these is you want your description to sound nice when read so that the users do not feel intimidated by the sound of the site. At the same time as being friendly, you have to keep your language professional sounding. The people looking at your site are there to buy a product or service from you, so you have to make the internet user believe that they can trust you and your product. One good way to maintain this aspect of the  professional sound on the meta description is by using keywords in your description. This does not mean you should fill your description with nothing but keywords. You have to make a real description that can flow and be read, or else you will make your web page look like spam.

Dont Forget

It is understood that you have many pages as a part of your overall website. Each one of these pages have to have their own meta tag attached to it. Unfortunately even if a lot of these pages are very similar they all not only have to have their own meta descriptions but the descriptions also have to be unique. If you copy the same description to the meta tags then the search engine will think that you are just spamming and they will grade you down for those pages. Loosing ranking in the search engine means that the internet user will be checking out competitor websites before yours, and this could impact your business and profits. Don’t loose out on potential clients because of something so simple as a meta description. Use the description to your advantage and stay in the game.

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