Is My Website Hacked?

Sadly to say if you are asking that question you have encountered suspicious activity or suspicious changes. This is a very common question many website owners ask that doesn’t have an easy answer. Even though you might not be technologicly savy there are steps you can take to check if your website has indeed been hacked.

The first step is to contact your webmaster and see if there were any attempts to enter your server. If you have Shared Hosting such as Godaddy, Hostmoster, Ipower, Network Solutions you need to contact them and see if anyone receintly entered your website.

The second step is to check if you have any Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, or malware on your system that is causing damage or abnormalities. Usually your server is a Linux based system so even if you do have a virus or a trojan it should be easy to remove. If you do find a Virus on the system the best posible advise i can give you is to format your system and re-upload your website.

If your website looks and functions perfectly but you experience a sudden jump in your ranking, this might be an indication that your website has been hacked. Hackers use BlackHat tactics to show your viewers one thing and show the search engines another. Dont bother contacting google if you think this happened to you because they will not be able to assist you. Simply use Google’s Tool to fetch your website as a GoogleBot will see it (Fetch as Googlebot). You will be able to see if google is seeing what it needs to see. If you find yourself in an unfortunate position of actually geting hacked you always have amazing resources that google provides to help clean up hacked websites. Please find a list bellow:

Final Note: Always remember the easies step in preventing your website from geting hacked is to make sure your web server is up-to-date.

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