What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of building the reputation of your website to gain higher placement on search engines.

SEO Did not work for me in the past

SEO is always evolving and changing, therefore strategies and companies need to stay on top of new trends, We at SBASEO specialize in research and we will project if SEO will benefit you. If SEO serves no benefit we will not recommend it as a service.

I’m already on page one why do I need more SEO

There are many reasons why you should continue to SEO your websites.

  1. Continue to target new keywords
  2. Prevent the loss of reputation when search engines update their algorithm
  3. Start targeting a wider range of customers
  4. Your keyword is to specific and has low traffic

I was told that I can do it myself

That is very true you can. And we would love to help. Can we send you a Free 24page EBook that we have written that will guide you through the general principles of SEO.

Search Engines will find us/ we already rank

That is correct you do, but for what keywords? How much of your site is being missed? There is a big difference between random keywords and ranking and focused keyword terms.

We’ll have to redesign our site. That costs money

Because SBASEO technologies specialize in all Online Advertising this includes Website Design. Most of the time we will redesign your website for FREE unless the site is way to complex. If your site is complex we will give you the absolute minimum price.

SEO is Expensive

This is very true. SEO can be very expensive but here at SBASEO we specialize in results, progress and technology. We are always developing so we may lower our costs and thus the cost of our clients. We have so far developed amazing software that gets installed onto your website and takes care a big part of the SEO process. This allows us to save you money on your monthly payments.

Upper Management wont support it

If it’s ok may we speak with them? We would love to demonstrate for free all the ways SEO could benefit their business and increase revenue. Our SEO specialists are always available to answer any SEO questions and help meet your goals.

Why should we change the content on our website JUST for Search Engines?

Search Engines are basically machines that look for certain words in certain patterns that demonstrate high relevancy. Combined with the reputation of the website these “Keywords” help in placement on search engines. There is no point in writing content if no one can see. Thus changing the style may accomplish both an increase in viewers and spread of information.

SEO Doesn’t Work. It’s a SCAM!

We are very sorry for your previous experience or what you might have heard. We would like to take the time to prove to you that it does work. We would like to optimize your site for 1 Keyword Phrase as a test to show you what our services can do.

We have a strong Brand, we don’t need SEO

Congratulations on achieving such an amazing brand and having a high traffic for your name. What about the people who don’t know you by name. By not Optimizing your website for SEO terms you are loosing customers who don’t know about you yet.

We Like FLASH. It’s Cool!

Flash is amazing for making your site look flashy and interactive, but it is absolutely horrible for SEO. If you are confortable with the amount of business you are receiving, or don’t want an increase in viewers the SEO is simply not for you. On the other hand, if you want to increase sales or exposure you need to switch from FLASH.  With todays technology most FLASH effects can be accomplished with HTML 5 and still be very SEO friendly.

How do you deal with having 2 of your clients try to rank for the same keyword phrase?

Great question! There are millions of combinations in the English language and Google displays 10 results for all keyword phrases. Having clients that strive to optimize for ALL the same keywords is absolutely impossible. Each business will have their own traffic and not interfere with each other.

You charge to much for SEO / I can get it for Cheaper?

There are a lot of great SEO companies out there, what makes us different is our technology, experience and results. With us you get amazing customer service, all your questions answered and most importantly fast results. You might have heard the saying “You Get What You Pay For” and that is absolutely true. Considering we specialize in Technology, Software, that lowers our costs, it is hard to believe that a similar company can accomplish the same for less.

Does email marketing work?

Email marketing works if done right. There are over 100 mistakes that people do when sending an email to their clients or potential buyers. With such a low conversion volume is a necessity and needs proper configuration and servers or your email address will get blocked. Most people think they can send emails from their personal account, but this might lead you on a dangerous path.

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