Three Types of SEO

SEO is a technique in which webmasters design a website such that, it gets good page ranking, and appears on top of the results when a query is made. It has been in existence from mid 90s and still is the hottest thing on Internet. Earlier search engines mainly relied on keywords that were in meta tag, it was very easy for the webmasters to manipulate the results. As time passed developments took place and search engines started to use complex algorithms to rate sites and determine page ranks.

In the same way SEO techniques also got complex. Now the condition is such that a lot of webmasters are earning their livelihood through this.

There are many ways of SEO which are broadly categorized into three parts:


White Hat Techniques

Those websites which are optimized in accordance to rules and policies of search engines are said to be using White-Hat-Techniques or Ethical SEO. A website that is “optimized” yet have content relevant to queries and are genuine, a website that uses only natural backlinks which associate to similar content, a website that aims at human users and not search engines are said to be using White-Hat-Techniques. The most important benefit of White Hat Techniques is even if the SEO is stopped the quality of the content maintains the ranking of the website. The long term investors use this technique as it requires less optimization and more data management. White Hat Techniques use the consumer to get good positions and rankings.

Gray Hat Techniques

Gray being a shade in between white and black has properties of both colors. Gray Hat Techniques are those ways through which websites are optimized using tactics that don’t exactly follow the policies of search engines but somehow manage to escape from the eyes of algorithms. These may not be reliable as they are designed keeping in mind the present algorithm. Since there are updates every now and then, so in case of a data refresh the sites may be penalized cause gray is more black than white. Gray Hat techniques are not in much demand these days just because of its unreliability.

Black Hat Techniques

Most famous SEO type is the Black Hat one. More than 70% of SEO today is based on this only. These are the unofficial methods, which search engines strictly disapprove of. Once found guilty of Black Hat, the website may be blocked or severely penalized. The algorithms are made and updated keeping in view of these tactics. These are very aggressive and generally result in quick increase in page rank. But once SEO is stopped the ranking falls drastically. So, constant optimization is required. Black Hat Techniques are normally used by those who are looking for quick financial gain. Black Hat Techniques manipulate the search engine in order to get more human traffic.

Search engines will keep updating the algorithms and webmasters the SEO techniques. So this game is never ending, if search engine are in existence the SEO methods will follow.


2 responses on “Three Types of SEO

  1. Wheeler says:

    Where does the 70% of SEO is black hat stat come from?

    • Brian says:

      Compared to all the SEO Techniques out there we found that the majority, more then 70% of these techniques were all classified Black Hat. White hat is based on positive, relevant, unique and valuable content. Most people dont know that taking someone’s text and simply rewriting it is a black hat practice. Similarly to various other so called approved SEO methods. Because it works does not mean it will have a long term positive effect. The best practice is to always develop new and current content that is relevant and interesting to gain traffic, flowers, and high page ranking.

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