Video Marketing to Get Easy Search Engine Ranking – Part 1

Did you realized that no matter what you use Google to search for nowadays, it is almost inevitable that there will be videos featured near to the top of the search results page (even for hair loss!):

However, these videos do not appear so prominently on the search results page because of the video content itself. As it currently stands, Google cannot ‘read’ the information from inside the video itself.
Instead, these videos appear where they do because of the written information in the title and description that is submitted to the video networking site along with the video itself.

In effect therefore, you can make an entertaining video about almost anything as long as it bears at least a passing association with the subject of your site as long as you include your keywords in your title and description. Do so and you will drive targeted traffic from sites like YouTube (the third most popular site on the net), Google video and Yahoo! video as examples.

At the same time, you can also generate a one way incoming link from these massively popular sites as long as you create your title and video description in the right way.

Using YouTube as an example, this is how you do it:

The title of my video (1) is made up of two of my main keyword terms, separated by a ‘pipe’ (|), whilst the first line of the description (2) is the actual URL of the page that I want the video viewer to visit after they have finished watching.

Beneath that, in the main body of the description (3), I have included both keyword terms a couple of times, whilst by including dashes between the separate words, I have also managed to include the keyword terms in the tags (4) as well.

Creating a description and your title in this way does a couple of things.

Firstly, it obviously highlights the keyword terms for which you want this video to be indexed, significantly increasing the chances of appearing on the Google search results pages for the two keyword terms used.

However, by also including the URL of the page on my site, I create a direct link from YouTube (in this case) to my site. While accepting that this is not an anchor text link, it is still incredibly valuable and there is one other advantage as well.

When you include a URL in this way, it appears right next to the top right- hand corner of the video as a clickable hyperlink.

However, by leaving a space after using the hyperlink as the first line of the description, you ensure that it stands out extremely clearly (unlike this example).

Not only does this create an active hyperlink to your site, it also makes it far easier for the video viewer to visit, because all they have to do is click the link.

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