Video Marketing to Get Easy Search Engine Ranking – Part 2

How do you make your video in the first place?

There are many different ways to create videos for marketing purposes, with the way that you do so being dependent to a certain extent on the product
or service that you are promoting. You can (and should) use any or all of the following video production tactics because by doing so, you will quickly establish what works best in your particular marketplace or niche.

Using Animoto to make videos…

Animoto is a site where you can create a unique 30 second video ‘short’ for free which can then be uploaded directly to YouTube from within animoto itself.

To get started, visit the site to create your free account. Your video, you will need approximately a dozen still images that you can upload to the site as the basis of the 30 second video ‘short’. If you already have appropriate images that you can use, this is extremely simple but even if you don’t, you should find suitable images by searching a stock photo site like stock.xchang.
Once you are logged in, click the 30 second video link to start uploading these images to animoto:

You can do so either by downloading the images directly from the stock image site (if that is where the images are coming from) or by uploading them from your own computer:

You can even use images from the animoto collection but from my own experience, you are unlikely to find a sufficient number of images that are appropriate to your business for this to be workable. Consequently, it is better to use either your own images or those that you have downloaded from a stock photo site to make the video you want.

Next, you add a soundtrack from the animoto collection and that is basically the job finished. All you need to do is create your description and title before uploading the video directly to YouTube.
The advantage of using animoto to make 30 second video shorts in this way is that it is extremely quick and easy to do. The downside is that because you are using still images for your video, it is probably not going to be the most entertaining video ever made, although even the most attention- challenged video viewer should be able to stick with you for at least 30 seconds!

The other negative about using animoto is that you can only upload the finished video to one networking site and whilst YouTube is unquestionably the biggest video network, this is nevertheless a limiting factor that may partially restrict the effectiveness and profitability of your video marketing efforts:

Although you can embed the video on your site or blog, you cannot officially download the video so that you can send it to other networking sites for example, although I recently discovered completely by accident that you can download animoto video shorts if you use the free version of Real Player on your computer:

I don’t think that downloading the video so that you can upload it to other networking sites is in breach of any animoto rules but if you are planning to do so, make sure that you check whether it is allowable or not. Alternatively, you could wait until the video appears on YouTube and then download it from there for free.

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