Video Marketing to Get Easy Search Engine Ranking – Part 3

Using PowerPoint to create your video

If you use the Microsoft Office suite of programs, you will have PowerPoint installed on your computer. If not, download the free Open Office suite of programs and use the Presentation program to do pretty much the same thing.

You can use PowerPoint or Presentation to make as many different types of video as you can create almost any kind of presentation and video it. This again represents a very quick and easy way of creating a relatively simple video.

And although you would not necessarily think of a PowerPoint presentation being entertaining, you can make it pretty good fun if you do things right.

You can also make the message that your video carries very powerful as well.

Remember that the primary purpose of creating videos is to convince someone that just watched your video to visit your site to see what else you have to offer.

One highly effective way of doing this is to create a two-part video presentation, only one part of which is published externally on sites like YouTube, Google video etc. The other half is published on your own site so that the viewer who has watched the first half and wants to get the rest has to visit your site to do so.

An effective and easy way of doing this using a PowerPoint presentation is to firstly find three or four trivia questions in your market.

The first slide of your presentation will be the first question, which you should leave visible for a few seconds to allow your viewer time to think of the correct answer.

The second slide in your presentation should produce the correct answer to the question. Next, you show the second question and again, leave it visible for a few seconds to allow the viewer time to come up with the answer before providing it with your next slide.

Now, if you have four questions – which I have found to be the best number from my own testing of this particular strategy – you provide the third question and answer in exactly the same way.

However, when it comes to the fourth question, you provide only the question before the last slide which tells the viewer that they have to visit your site in order to get the answer. If you have targeted your trivia questions accurately enough at people in your marketplace, this extremely simple strategy has the capability of driving hundreds of curious visitors to your site, so it is one that is definitely worth trying.

Once your presentation is complete, you need to convert it into a video which you can do by using free video screen capture software such as CamStudio orJing (the latter will also work with a Mac too).

More screen capture options…

Once you have downloaded and installed either of these video screen capture program, you can use them to make videos of almost anything you do using your computer. Indeed, the only restricting factor applicable to video screen capture videos is your own imagination and the limits of the processes that you can demonstrate on your monitor.

However, if there is anything that you do on a regular basis with your computer that other people in your niche would be interested in, you have a perfect subject for a short video. And even if there is nothing that springs immediately to mind, you might be surprised how easy it is to make informative videos using screen capture software that other people in your market really will be interested in.

One thing that I often do when I am trying to think of a good video subject is look at the software that I have installed on my computer.

Each of those programs has a specific operating method and although you may think that everyone knows how to use the software that you have, this is simply not true. There will be many people out there for whom a training video would be invaluable and as you’ll discover a little later, there are thousands of training videos already on sites like YouTube that are extremely popular for this very reason.

As an example, if you have just downloaded and installed one of the video recorders highlighted in the previous section, you’re going to learn how to use the software. Consequently, why not make a video to show people how easy and quick it really is to use the software?

Basically, if something – anything in fact – can be effectively demonstrated on your computer screen, you have the basis of a video right there.

Granted, making videos in this way may seem contrary to what I suggested earlier about making entertaining videos because demonstrating something on your computer screen in this way is hardly likely to be enthralling.

Nevertheless, it is still a fact that ‘how to’ tutorial videos are extremely popular if they focus on demonstrating something that lots of people in your niche need to know about.

Once you have your video ready together with your title and description, you are ready to submit your work.

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